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    Posted by Babette de Jongh on June 3, 2022 at 5:31 pm

    I know it’s been a long time since the first Angel Falls book came out with the promise of a second book to come.

    I apologize for dropping that ball. But I was halfway through writing the second book of the series when I signed a contract for a four-book romance series with Sourcebooks Casablanca. (An amazing opportunity. I couldn’t say no.) That took all of my time for a few years, but with book four of the Welcome to Magnolia Bay series halfway done and book three not set to launch until September of 2023, I have some breathing room to dive back into the Angel Falls series.

    Angel Falls, the first book of that series, asks the question: What happens when you get what you’ve always wanted… then you aren’t sure you want it anymore?

    Book two asks: What would you do to protect someone you love? What laws would you break? Whom would you betray? 

    I’m so excited to be writing this series again, which began with the book-of-my-heart, my first published novel.

    I’m also eager to hear what you think: What would you do if faced with an impossible choice? What’s important enough for you to risk everything?

    In the second Angel Falls book, the heroine kidnaps a baby (for all the right reasons). It’s a felony, and the hero just happens to be a cop. But she can’t think of any other way to save her niece from harm, and though she’d like to confide in him, she also has to protect her sister, who put the child in harm’s way.

    Faced with a similar circumstance, What would you do?

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