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  • What happens to the characters when the book ends? (Help me decide!)

    Posted by Babette de Jongh on August 11, 2021 at 2:33 pm

    What do you think might happen next in the lives of the characters in Magnolia Bay? As the series continues, there will be a new hero and heroine for each new book, but you’ll still get a glimpse into the lives of the Magnolia Bay residents that you’ve already met.

    What kind of Happy-Ever-After could you imagine for Abby and Quinn–and Quinn’s teenage son Sean from Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay?

    Or the supporting cast of characters: Reva Curtis–the animal communicator who runs Bayside Barn, the town veterinarian Mack McNeil, Edna the grandmotherly volunteer who stands up for Bayside Barn at the council meeting?

    What about Heather and Adrian — and Heather’s kids, Erin, Josh, and Caroline from Magnolia Bay Memories? (coming in November 2021, but you already met Heather and Adrian at the end of Warm Nights.)

    You can actually help me write the futures of the characters you’ve already met when I write the next two books in the series:

    I’ve turned in the complete draft of book three, Coming Home to Magnolia Bay, but there’s still time to edit and add fun tidbits about the previous characters. In this book, Heather’s friend Sara Prather is the heroine (she’s the one who writes the soggy newspaper Wolf kept bringing to Abby), and the hero is the animal trainer we’ll meet at the end of Magnolia Bay Memories.

    I’m writing first draft of book four now (as yet untitled). The heroine is the school nurse from Coming Home to Magnolia Bay, and the hero is Mack McNeil’s son, who just graduated vet school and is being pressured into joining his father’s practice.

    What little glimpses into the future would you like to see for the characters you already know in these last two books (and any more that may follow if the series continues)? Have you met any secondary characters that you’d like to know more about?

    Let me know what you think!

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